You should know that visa24bd.com is just a media that connects a bridge between a visa candidate and a visa agent who process papers for visa. We are not a visa agent. Our work is: when you register on our site we give opportunities to see the visa offers that visa agents published on their pages. A candidate also can have a chance to apply for those visas and meet the agents physically.


A candidate, as he/she wishes to go abroad for job, study or immigration he searches online or on printed media for this type of opportunities. But they are unable to know how much he has to pay or what type of qualification he has to have, or where he has to go, or who he has to talk to. For bringing these information closer to the candidate visa24bd.com helps both parties to publish either their resume or advertisement very clearly and informatively. Both parties are now benefited from our site. We visa24bd.com are not involved in any of their (of both candidates or agents) work, meeting, responsibility, hassle, bargain, payment, payment related issues or legal procedure.


When a user is registered on our site as buyer he is called `candidate’. When a user is registered on our site as seller he is called `visa agent’. A candidate logs in on our site to see the visa offers and clicks the offers to take opportunity to apply for those visas. Apply does not mean he/she is applying to the visa authority (embassy/ consulate/ high commission). He/she applying to the visa agents who will process his/her papers and forward to the visa authority. Visa24bd.com neither creates influences on them (candidates) to choose any of the published visa opportunities nor does it confirm them about visa security. Candidates himself choose any of the published visa opportunities and get appointments with the visa agents.

 For security visa24bd.com does not publish the contact details of the candidate on site. An agent can only see the profile of the candidate without knowing his whereabouts and contact information.

A visa agent, according to the application of the candidate, will give an online appointment date and time. For security we also do not publish the agents contact details.

On the meeting date the candidate will appear physically at the agent’s office and discuss with him about the pros and cons of the visa opportunity.

If any candidate after making an appointment does not physically appear at the agents office or does not call us to cancel the appointment before the scheduled time or renew his/her appointment by calling us his profile will be down and access will be blocked.

If we notice if any agent is doing any illegal act with any candidate or doing anything against the society, state or government we will block his access that he cannot communicate with any of our candidates on our site.

Visa24bd.com does not interfere into their (candidate and agent) discussion and does not have any profit in any of the decision they make about the further advancement.

After visa the candidate will pay to the agent.

Visa24bd.com does not ever meet his candidate or agent physically for any purpose because it is not a visa agency or does not even need to meet or call his candidates or agents for any purpose.

Candidates will on his own responsibility meet the agent at the agents office, discuss, decide or advance for a future purpose.

After visa visa24bd.com will not take any responsibility of the candidate’s payment. If any candidate fails to pay his dues visa agents cannot put any load on visa24bd.com’s shoulder. For this reason agent will secure his processing with the candidate on stamp agreement or checks or other.

For any kind of loss of the agent or candidate regardless of economic, social, physical or mental visa24bd.com will not be liable.

Candidate & agent both can call us on our hotline showed on the site only for the seeking information on our service or procedure. We do not provide visa related information on phone except our site pages.

Please read carefully our services, terms and conditions before finally you register on our site. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and on any date without the prior notice to any of our candidates or agents or visitors.