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Agent Code VA-0102
Agent Location Dhaka
Agent Offer American Student Visa
offered country USA
visa type STUDENT VISA
visa authority Private
contract with customer Full Contract
accomodation Not Provided
food Not Provided
processing time 2 Months
full amount of payment 12 Lac taka inclusive of one semester tuition fees
initial payment No
initial payment amount 200000
state candidates age limit 18-21
state candidates education H. S. C
state candidates result Minimum GPA 4
tick if any of this needed IELTS
language test result Overall 6.0
study gap HSC 2015 accepted and not before
describe if more information needed of candidate The student has to face the embassy himself so he has to be a little fluent in English that he can explain about his education and other information before the ECO.
discount for visa24 clients Yes
payment system AFTER VISA
describe security type The father of the student has to give the agent a check and sign an agreement.
possibility of visa 80 %
describe this visa This is a student visa. So the candidate can not choose his own university. The agent will choose university. Tuition fee may be high of low depending on time and university. Student has to immediately pay all payment just after his visa. Credibility EMAIL-TEMPLATES.docx past success FOR-DEVELOPER.docxFOR-DEVELOPER.docxFOR-DEVELOPER.docxFOR-DEVELOPER.docx


Date Posted
17 Nov, 2017

VISA Title
American Student Visa

VISA Location

12 Lac taka inclusive of one semester tuition fees

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